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Neo Tokyo (ネオ東京, Neo Tōkyō) or "New Tokyo" is a common name for a fictional futuristic version of Tokyo often depicted in manga, anime, and video games. An early example was the 1982 manga Akira, which was also adapted into a 1988 anime film.

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Other uses[edit]

  • "Neotokyo", a 2015 single by The Algorithm
  • "Neo Tokyo", a song on the 2016 album The Uncanny Valley by Perturbator
  • "Neo Tokyo", a 2020 single featured on the 2021 album Nocturnal Party Music by Joshua Morata
  • NeoTokyo, the name of a megalopolis in the 2012 card game Android: Netrunner
  • Dreams of Neo-Tokyo, a 2017 album by Scandroid

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